Welcome to the VisionFriendly.com Development Blog.  My name is Hobbes Pirakitti, Lead Developer / Chief Scientist.  Although I hope that these posts will be of general interest, I will focus on web development topics that specifically apply to expanding the technical skillset of the company’s Web Development and IT departments.  This will also be the beginnings of a code sample repository.  Overall, this blog will feature the following:

  • Programming / scripting languages: ASP / VBScript, C# / VB / ASP.NET, JavaScript, WMI
  • jQuery and AJAX
  • Microsoft SQL Server
  • Other Microsoft Servers – IIS, SMTP, Indexing Services
  • General Developer fundamentals – HTTP, Security
  • Video – Flash Media Server, Windows Media Services
  • Mobile Development
  • Windows Servers

However, I will also be considering broader issues that pertain to the role of IT in a web development company.   I will also invite guest authors within the company to contribute on any of these topics.

These articles will at times be exploratory as opposed to authoritative, so questions, feedback, and corrections are always welcome.

Our first series of articles will focus on jQuery!  The tentative list of key points will be:

  • What is jQuery?
  • What are the alternatives?
  • Why is jQuery good fit for VisionFriendly?
  • What I assume you know about JavaScript
  • jQuery Basics – The $ object
  • jQuery Basics – CSS Selectors, DOM Manipulation, Effects
  • Intermediate jQuery – Looping constructs
  • Intermediate jQuery – jQuery Events
  • Intermediate jQuery – jQuery UI
  • Intermediate jQuery – AJAX
  • Advanced jQuery – Positioning
  • Advanced jQuery – Extending jQuery

Somewhere in the mix will be “jQuery and the iPhone.”  Check back soon!

— Hobbes